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Glenn Beck: Behind the Scenes and Quantitative Easing Leading to the Weimar (Vimar) Republic


2 responses to “Glenn Beck: Behind the Scenes and Quantitative Easing Leading to the Weimar (Vimar) Republic”

  1. Mary Ann Barnes

    I do not have a website … however , I do watch Glenn Beck. Seeing this about our money, and the dollar and value… I have a question for Glenn …

    Our country holds trillions in Iraq dinar … it is supposed to revalue within days or weeks… after forming of the Iraq government.. I am wondering the affect, this revaluation will have on our money? the value of it?

    The “thought” about the revalue of the IQD which is presently more than a thousand to the dollar… soon to be possibly …. ONE TO ONE. That would be helpful to pay off our US debt.

    Has Mr. Beck been aware of this?

    What are his thoughts on it?

  2. Rick Bell

    Dear Glenn,

    I am 60 years old. In the last 3 years I have lost everthing I worked for in my life. I’m broke, tired of beating myself up, while the media and others keep beating others up, and I am as frustrated as anyone in America. BUT I AM NOT A QUITTER!

    I really do appreciate your passion to inform the American people in detail how messed up our goverment is performing. I would like to encourage you to please consider my concerns in your presentations each day on your T.V. program.

    The American People have spoken in this last election. Let’s get more encourgement and less bitching and complaining.

    Below are a few things I would like to point out that concern me about a Godly man like you. First, I admitt I am guilty of the following:

    1. I have made the same mistakes as our goverment has made in the last 40 years. I choose a Lifestyle instead of a Life. It causes me great pain to realize that I did not prepare for my future or the future of my children.
    2. I tried to borrow my way out of problems.
    3. I did not seek my God given right to protect myself, my family, my business, or my country when I voted. I understand now that I need to do my homework before I vote on who will represent me in our goverment.
    4. I did not fight for my right to stand firm for God, Family, Business, and Country when it came to the issues such as prayer, abortion, healthcare, gay rights, racial issues, and imigration.
    5. I did not voice my concerns when it came to the federal goverment, state goverment, and/or local goverment issues. I just assumed someone else was taking care of those headaches.
    6. I was some what of a coward when it came to stepping up and becoming more involved when minority groups slowly took away my rights that others fought and died for in America.
    7. Lastly, I should have not taken some of my God given talents for granted. For this reason I am making an effort to use what ever I can to contribute to our country and get involved.

    These are only 7 mistakes among many others I have made in my 40 year career. I am only 1 average American willing to take responsibility for the past mistakes. I will start in a new direction for the present, by lessons learned from the past. I will become a visionary man with a positive passion for the American Dream. I serve a mighty God who will help Rebuild America in Freedom for all in a Godly enviroment.

    Here are 3 things I would like for you to consider in your presentation.

    1. Present new ideas with positive encouragement to others. Frustration causes Fear!
    2. Present the issues with wisdom from God. I see your passion for God’s will for America.
    3. Present visionary ideas with positive input from those who you can trust. Let’s face it you have a lot of talented people surrounding you. It is your chance to quit talking about the speck in others eye when we all have a board in our own eye.

    Glenn I pray I can trust you or whoever goes though these e-mails. You can do anything with God’s help. I am praying for you and your staff. You may be the 2nd chance a man like me could use.

    In short let’s quit bitching and get the show on the road. If by some miracle someone understands what I am writing I give my word I will become a better American.

    God Bless you and God Bless America,
    Rick Bell

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