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Petition to draft Allen West for President

Go here, for the petition to draft Allen West for President


14 responses to “Petition to draft Allen West for President”

  1. Stephen Paul

    I would love to see Allen West become the 1st real Black American President. It would be such an honor to see someone of his caliber and ability lead these United States. Please run and help save this country from the impending catastrophe of the Pinko Socialists, sir. I salute you.

    Semper Fi, Sir…

  2. Brenda J Hoke

    Please please sir, we need you. I’ve heard that you said you may think about next time. There may not be a next time, if we do not have a man like you to save this country, there will be no next time.

    I will do everything I can and work as hard as I can to get you elected, please run there are so many Americans who need you and pray for you daily.

    God Bless

  3. Laura Mosbacher

    I want Allen West for president because I am tired of having wishy washy people in office who put personal agendas over what is best as a whole for America. He stands up to liberal media and tells them in his polite but very assertive way “That is not the truth.” I love that he respects our United States Constitution, he has fiscal common sense, and has a respect for human life in or out of the womb. I personally believe that a child is the most powerful, purest, and beautiful gift from God. If you have a leader who has such a disrespect for such a life what makes you think they have any respect for yours.
    I also feel for our military. For once!! can we please get a president that has “been there, done that” and understands what our military men and women serving go through mentally, physically, and financially. Also someone who knows our enemy that we are currently at war with. How are enemies think and act.
    Lt Col Allen West reminds me of Gideon in the Bible. God gave him so many gifts, miracles, and signs but he had to keep checking with God are you sure this what you want me to do.

    God be with you,

  4. Nora Hyder

    We need you to run for President, because America deserves a strong leader with compassion. I know that you are the man for our country, please do this for our great Country.

    May God Bless You,


  5. David Segura Jr

    Wish you would reconsider running for President, as we need leadership that is there to service the people of this country. The path this elected offical is leading us town, maybe a path of not return. Save the Nation! We need someone that the American people can trust and believe in.

    God Save the Country,


  6. Ron Mc Burney

    RUN!! We need someone to say what he means and mean what he says!!

  7. Joni Haynes

    I didn’t even know who Allen West was, until I heard him give a speech in which he said everything I believe in! He would make a wonderful president; somebody please, please get him to run! I would campaign for him!

  8. Roslyn Kyle-K

    Mr. West unless you have a solid reason not to run I would respect that, but Sir you love this great country and our country needs someone with the true patriot spirit to take back our country from our current train wreck/administration. Sir our country needs someone who gives a hoot anymore to step up to the plate and run. And Sir, our country needs someone with true grit and commitment for our country who is not afraid of speaking the truth and know that sometimes the best policy may not be the most popular but one that will turn our country around. We need you! We need a no nonsense type of person who will not back down to the trickeries the liberals toss in the conservative parties pathways. Sorry for the long plead, but Sir you served our country well and we (The USA) appreciate your service, could you honor us again with your service to save our America??? I will vote for you!

  9. Bob Carrigan

    It’s up to you to save the USA. Further, it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to save the USA. Can you see that it will be too late if you don’t seize the moment and save us? Nobody else has the potential that you have. PLEASE JUST DO IT. WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!

  10. Phil Schwartz

    Allen, thank you for bringing the truth to politics. Whenever you speak I feel proud and grateful that I am an American. You have served this country with honor. Now it is time that you serve in Washington with honor. Every night when you pray and lay your head down to sleep, it should be in the White House. Please run for President and bring strength, truth, honor and integrity to the Office of the President. And when you win the Presidency can my girlfriend and I please visit you and your family at the White House. Thanks, Phil Schwartz (proud to be an American and a West supporter.) Can your campaign slogan be “Our Country needs a new direction and let it be West!”

  11. Gibson Pawape

    This is wonderful. Please ask him to run for President. I am reading him from Australia

  12. Holly Morgorf

    The time is now and you have what we need. Please run for in 2012!

    Thank you,
    Holly Margorf

  13. Camila Lyon

    Allen West is just what the United State is in need of. His love of this country and the wonderful ideas he has to help bring the USA back to the country we know and love.
    May God bless you and the difficult decision you have to make.

  14. Gary de Sesa

    If you are reading this and want to continue to pursue Allen West to run for President, please check out: We want to send him one millions signatures!

    Let’s pray that he hears the calling.

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