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Jim DeMint

Daily Caller:Conservative groups, lawmakers officially roll out Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge

After days of hype, 47 conservative organizations and more than 20 members of Congress officially announced their support for the “Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge” during a press conference Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill. It was a shining moment in the spotlight for the conservative movement.The lineup of lawmakers included Republican Orrin Hatch of Utah, Jim [...]


National Right to Work Act petition

Last week, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) introduced the National Right to Work Act (S. 504). Congressman Steve King (R-IA) is expected to introduce the House version next week.What’s next is up to Right to Work supporters like you.If you haven’t done so already, please sign the National Right to Work Act petition Then, please [...]


Jim DeMint: Mike Lee Puts the Senate on Record with Balanced Budget Vote

Dear Fellow Conservative:I’m writing to let you know about an important vote that took place in the Senate last night. Newly-elected Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) offered an amendment expressing support for a Constitutional Amendment that would force Congress to balance the budget.Senator Lee forced a vote and put every senator on record. The vote was [...]


Jim DeMint: Toomey’s Debt Limit Game Changer

Dear Fellow Conservative:I’m writing to share an important Wall Street Journal op-ed written by newly-elected Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), which outlines how we can freeze the debt ceiling without defaulting on our debt obligations. Senator Toomey’s argument is nothing short of a game changer in the debt limit debate. Senator Toomey correctly points out that [...]


Jim DeMint: Why I Oppose Tax deal

Many of you have contacted me about the bipartisan tax deal reached between President Obama and Republican leaders. I’ve carefully reviewed the legislation and I wanted to explain to you why I cannot support it. First, I do not want to see anyone’s taxes go up and I have been fighting for years to permanently [...]


Jim DeMint Comes Out Against Tax Deal


WSJ: Karl Rove-Nancy Pelosi’s Unwelcome Christmas Gift

After ignoring congressional Republicans for 22 months and 10 days, President Obama hosted a “come together, right now” session with them Tuesday. The topic: the Bush tax cuts—on income, capital gains and dividends—that are set to expire at the stroke of midnight, Dec. 31. The atmospherics at the White House on Tuesday were good, but [...]


WSJ: Jim DeMint-Welcome, Senate Conservatives

Congratulations to all the tea party-backed candidates who overcame a determined, partisan opposition to win their elections. The next campaign begins today. Because you must now overcome determined party insiders if this nation is going to be spared from fiscal disaster.


Jim DeMint’s Final Call To Action To Win Senate

Dear Fellow Conservative:The biggest election of our lifetime is just 72 hours away. We’ve helped power conservative Senate candidates by making campaign donations. Now we need to help them turn out the vote by making phone calls from home.


Jim DeMint: They Will Ignore Us No More

Dear Fellow Conservative: There are hundreds of campaign commercials running right now across the country, but there’s one ad you must see.


The Party Of No vs. The Party Of Know

This website is a one stop source to educate Great Americans on “Progressives” and provide a social medium for those that want to change our country back to what the Founding Fathers established when they wrote the Constitution, not what they have “Fundamentally Transformed America” into. If you oppose Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the Progressive’s social agenda, they will accuse you of being a member of “The Party of No” when in reality you are “The Party Of Know”. If you believe our elected officials should say “No” when you “Know” that this country is heading in the wrong direction then please become a member to enjoy the resources I have compiled and share this site and your educated opinion with others….Spread the word around not the wealth!

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