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Bill O’Reilly

For more than ten years, over 120 months, The O’Reilly Factor on the FOX News Channel has been the highest rated cable news show. In fact, the program has frequently topped shows offered by the broadcast networks. Presiding is Bill O’Reilly, the most talked about, and often the most controversial, TV journalist today.

The Factor, as most people call it, was designed to be–and remains–a unique blend of news analysis and hard hitting investigative reporting dropped each weeknight into “The No Spin Zone.”

In addition to The O’Reilly Factor, Bill finds time to turn out a weekly column appearing in more than 300 newspapers, and to write books, the latest of which is a deeply personal and revealing memoir. O’Reilly explains the title came about when he remembered how one of his first teachers looked at him in class and said, “William, you are a bold fresh piece of humanity.” And so that’s what he named it–because A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity is what he truly is. And that’s not surprising at all to Bill’s millions of viewers, listeners and readers. Or to his often agitated critics.

The memoir, selling over 1 million copies and resting comfortably for many months high up on the New York Times top ten bestseller list, comes on the heels of Bill’s four previous non-fiction works, all of which went to #1 on that same list. In addition, The O’Reilly Factor for Kids outsold all other children’s non-fiction in 2005. All in all, more than 5 million copies of Bill’s books are in circulation.

Bill was certainly fresh, and already bold, when he started his broadcasting career in Scranton, Pennsylvania before moving on to report and anchor in other places such as Dallas, Boston and New York. His national exposure began with CBS and ABC News, and as host of the first version of Inside Edition. It was in 1996 that O’Reilly landed at FOX News. Along the way, as Bill gained his considerable following, he has also accumulated more than his share of journalism awards, including 3 Emmys, with the latest being the special 2008 Governor’s Award in his old Boston stomping ground.

O’Reilly was born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island. His Bachelor’s degree is in History from Marist College, and he has a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University and another Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Asked about his proudest achievement on The Factor, Bill said, “The hundreds of thousands of dollars we are able to give to charity thanks to good folks buying stuff on”


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  1. Margaret Mary Young

    Great article…I really like Bill O’Reilly..says what is right, his own clear personal thinking tells it like it is. He is refreshingly honest. Nothing false about him. Stands up to what is right! I think it is great when he bashes the left winged political party and news medias alike! Way to go Bill!

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