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Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz aka: The Talkmaster, Mighty Whitey and The High Priest of The Church of the Painful Truth.

More Than You Really Want to Know!

For those of you who don’t know, Neal Boortz (that’s me) has been a Talk Show Host (What any good Democrat would refer to as a “Preacher of Hate”) in Atlanta, Georgia since 1969. He is now in his 40th year of talk radio. Since 1993 Neal has been holding forth on News Talk 750 WSB, a radio station with a 50,000 watt afterburner. Since early 1999 his show has been syndicated on radio stations from Maine to California and from Alaska to Florida. The program airs live from 8:30 to 1:00 pm each weekday. The Neal Boortz Show has about five million listeners nationwide and is carried on around 230 radio stations.

Background? O.K., as if you weren’t bored enough.

Neal was downloaded on April 6, 1945 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He didn’t particularly like the accent of the people up there so he left for Texas about 30 days later when his Dad returned to the Pacific to continue his participation in World War II as a Marine pilot. Though Texas was always his “official” residence, Neal, like most military brats, lived all over the place. Some addresses would include Honolulu, Hawaii, Laguna Beach, California, Morehead City, North Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virginia, Pensacola, Florida and others.

By the ever-loving skin of his teeth Neal graduated High School in 1963 from Pensacola High with something like a C- average. A good collection of Polaroid photos of a member of the admissions staff opened the doors to Texas A&M University, and off he went to Aggieland. It seemed impossible, but Neal was a worse student at A&M than he was in high school. He finished at A&M in 1967 and came to Atlanta, Georgia. He’s lived there ever since, splitting his time recently with Naples, Florida.

Neal wasn’t through with higher education after Texas A&M. He entered law school in Atlanta in 1973 and graduated in 1977. He went into practice immediately and continued practicing law until he decided to devote his full energies to talk radio in 1992.

During his 40 years in talk radio Neal managed to find other things to do to supplement his meager talk radio income. Prior to practicing law Neal could be found working as a jewelry or carpet buyer, selling life and casualty insurance, loading trucks, slinging mail at the post office, working in an employment office, writing speeches for the Governor of Georgia and auditing the books overnight at a sleazy motel. Neal was 47 years old before he ever had less than two jobs. At his peak he had six.

When Neal is not on the air or giving a speech somewhere, he likes to spend whatever free time is left with his family. When they get tired of him he heads for the golf course or for the skies. When it’s time to slip the bonds of gravity he can choose between a hot air balloon, his Mooney Ovation3 or his Super Decathlon. Neal swears that flying great distances upside down clears his mind.

When Neal feels particularly frisky he will sit down and write. His first book, “The Terrible Truth About Liberals,” has been through six different printings. The FairTax Book, co-authored with Congressman John Linder, debuted as the New York Times No. 1 Bestseller. A book of his talk radio rants and politically incorrect thoughts, “Somebody Has To Say It.” Debuted No. 2.

Neal is a confirmed Libertarian. He believe that the principal difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats just want to grow our Imperial Federal Government and spend money just a bit faster than the Republicans do.

Neal’s wife, Donna, doesn’t listen to the show. Never has. This is good. His daughter, Laura, uses her husband’s last name. Another good idea.
Run for office? Well, thanks for asking — but Neal’s afraid that the worst possible thing would happen. He might win. That would be a financial disaster for him. Neal is, however, toying with the idea of running for President on the Libertarian Party ticket after he retires from talk radio. He’ll run just once — and just for the hell of it. He will select the most qualified vice-presidential candidate possible just in case something strange happens and he wins. After he’s sworn in he will hang around long enough to sign an Executive Order requiring all airport screeners to have graduated in the top one-half of their high school class. He will ask his FAA Administrator to issue a regulation forbidding children under the age of 10 in first class on any commercial flight originating or terminating in the United States. Then he will free all non-violent drug offenders, take a few spins on Air Force One and get to know the interns. Neal will then resign and let the vice president take the controls.

Yes, Neal available for speaking engagements. And — no. he is not free. He is a confirmed greedy capitalist with expensive tastes.


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  1. Bob Vansickle

    Ask Mr O’Riley about the time he had Neil as his only guest on his show, and why he left at the break in the show. Neil I beleive was the only guest on the show as I recall, and mister “O” had to finish on his own, again as i recall…..I am not positive og=f this..but then I am geting old and this was a long time ago. No ffense intended, and probably I do not hav it tottally correct. bobb

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