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AARP’s Non-Profit Status Under Fire Over Insurance Income

Are you supporting Pelosi, Reid and Obama?

  • Are you writing Nancy Pelosi to “congratulate” her for “advancing” Health Care legislation?
  • Are you honoring Harry Reid with the Legislative Excellence Award for creating better economic security for seniors?
  • Are you spending your hard earned dollars pressuring legislators to spend even more of your money and bankrupt our economy?
  • Right now, are you sponsoring staged Town Hall Events in 35 states for President Obama to sell his flawed health care plan to people over 50?

If you are still a member of the AARP you are!

They are working behind the scenes, and USING YOU to empower those destroying America through BIG Government and BIG Spending

Tear Up Your Card NOW!

Join Us. We are the conservative alternative!
         And we’re FIGHTING BACK!

Click her to join:


19 responses to “AMAC vs. AARP”

  1. Bonnie Hammond

    Looking for alternative auto insurance to AARP and to spread the word.

  2. john earnest

    I want to know how AMAC’s medicare supplement insurance compares to AARP’s medicare supplement insurance.

  3. Larry Fritz

    Folks AARP doesn’t provide medicare supplement insurance!!!

    They contract with an insurance company and AARP gets a kick back on each premium…It’s that simple. This is common knowledge in the industry.

  4. J. Vance Absher

    Larry’s right.

    AARP contracts with Secure Horizons, a subsidiary of United Healthcare, to provide Medicare Supplements. You can buy the exact same policy (without the AARP brand) directly from Secure Horizons for the same premium or less.

    But since CMS requires all Medicare Supplements be standardized, you’re better off still if you buy one of the many lower cost supplements that have nothing to do with AARP or UHC, and get the exact same benefits for a little over half the premium.

    And yes, if you’re a senior citizen and a member of AARP, you’re financing your own demise.

  5. Tom Morgan

    AARP really doesn’t offer much of anything. My supplement is through Mutual of Omaha and my Part B through Humana, neither of which I joined through AARP. I ger way more discounts using AAA than AARP ever thought of giving. AARP is out of touch like most of our politicians. They obviously aren’t getting the message. The only way they will figure it out is to stop sending them your money.

  6. Vicki

    Some of you all mentioned getting medicare supplements apart from AARP for close to half the premium. Please mention the names of the policies for those of us just beginning this journey.

  7. AAPR webs » aaa aarp medicare supplemental

    [...] 12.AMAC vs. AARP | The Party Of Know Folks AARP doesn’t provide medicare supplement insurance! … I ger way more discounts using AAA than AARP ever thought of giving. AARP is out of touch like … [...]

  8. RN web » obama medicare supplement aarp approved

    [...] 6.AMAC vs. AARP | The Party Of Know We are a one stop news source for those that oppose Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of … Folks AARP doesn’t provide medicare supplement insurance! …. Herman Cain ’smoking’ ad wins NY Times columnist David Brooks’ seal of approval … [...]

  9. AAPR webs » aarp and generation america

    [...] 14.AMAC vs. AARP | The Party Of Know AARP · Generation America vs. … Click her to join: 2/ … Looking for alternative auto insurance to AARP and to spread the word. … [...]


    We have dropped aarp . would like information on AMAC OR PHONE NUMBER TO CALL

  11. Narseman

    Can’t use the link above. ?? The web site is being attacked, blocking ordinary americans..
    Go here to see the message and get a phone number to call.

  12. Don

    I just joined AMAC on 7-01-12 and since it is so close to our nation’s birthday, it was the right thing to do in light of this past week’s news.
    Especially in view of the Supreme Court weak decision on Obamacare, I mean ObamaTAX!
    Remember, after Pearl Harbor was attacked Yamamoto said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
    Well I want to put the political left socialists on notice.
    Watch what you wish for, because it may become true! I am sure that this is what Yamamoto was truly referring to, and we must all come together and wake up our co patriots.
    We must join together this fall and throw them out of office and take our country back!

  13. Aarp alterative | Miranda1929

    [...] AMAC vs. AARP | The Party Of KnowAARP”. Bonnie Hammond. December 16, 2010 at 7:40 pm | Permalink. Looking for alternative auto insurance to AARP and to spread the word. john earnest … No Comments 2237 [...]

  14. Extended Stay webs » aarp medicare supplement insurance kickback

    [...] 5.AMAC vs. AARP | The Party Of Know Folks AARP doesn’t provide medicare supplement insurance!!! They contract with an insurance company and AARP gets a kick back on each premium…It’s that … [...]

  15. MLSCO

    AARP gets nearly 3 times the income from the products they endorse than they due from member dues. I found the numbers in their financial statements a few years ago. It is no surprise that members interest do no count with the AARP leadership. They are complicit in the problems we have in this nation and do not deserve the support of any thinking adult.

    They will also lie to your face, as they did with no reservation in their supposed “town hall” meetings during the debates over Obamacare.


  16. Affelfdab

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  17. Extended Stay webs » aarp medicare supplement leads

    [...] 17.AMAC vs. AARP | The Party Of Know Looking for alternative auto insurance to AARP and to spread the word. … Folks AARP doesn’t provide medicare supplement insurance! … the Road · Romney Support Broader Than It Seems · Cain Vaults to Lead in Poll · On the List for 2012 ? … [...]

  18. Beverly White

    My husband and I have switched to AMAC because of the above remarks.
    Wake up smell the coffee people.

  19. Laura Curtiss Palmer

    Chuck Woolery this morning on the news re: AARP. We had no idea and we are dropping them as of today. So totally disgusted!!!

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