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9 responses to “Activity”

  1. mlgaynor
  2. legipson

    Thanks for providing us with such a great website. It’s a clearinghouse of all things conservative. I heard you on Glenn Beck and went right to the site. I’m in Buckhead and have seen your bumper stickers. Keep up the good work!
    Now, let’s get Fenn Little and Liz Carter elected to replace John Lewis and Hank Johnson! Please Atlanta, vote, vote, vote!

  3. cassoneal

    If you have not seen it yet, check out The Obama Deception. Here is the link for the full length film on UTube.

  4. cassoneal

    AND, I LOVE what the Republicans are doing in the House. Imagine how LITTLE Congress would have to do if they stuck to Constitutional Authority?? What a concept!

    “The House on Wednesday approved a package of rules for the 112th Congress, put forward by Cantor, that includes a provision mandating that all bills cite their constitutional authority.”

    Now, if only they would be able to REPEAL all fraudulent ‘laws’ which have NO constitutional authority……Patriot Act, Social Security, Welfare, ANYTHING pertaining to gun control, all manner of ‘regulations’ designed to keep us ‘safe’, Obamacare, restrictions on free movement of citizens, the Federal Reserve…… We might become a free country once again!

    Great article, Jon. Thanks so much!

  5. DizziNY

    It’s NOT about R or D! It’s about the elite against you and I. You want to fix our economic problems? DEFUND the CAREER politicians and bring it back to our founding principles. That is MY pov on it.
    Read Rand Paul’s plan .. This is an excerpt from an article by Dustin Krutsinger .

    I’m sure you have heard that Paul Ryan’s budget is full of drastic even draconian cuts, well those are not really cuts at all, but simply less than the proposed spending under Obama. Maybe a little illustration will help:

    If each day I spend $5 on lunch, and my wife says, ‘tomorrow we should spend $10′, and I say, ‘no we should spend $8′, did I just cut our budget by $2? If you have any common sense you would say of course not! Then why is Paul Ryan’s budget considered draconian CUTS, when he plans to raise spending, but just less than Obama plans to raise spending?

    Maybe we should be looking more seriously at the budget proposed by yet another Paul, Senator Rand Paul, whose proposed budget would be balanced in 5 years.

  6. goldencharles88

    Excellent website. You are working very hard and I will surely pass this on to my fellow concerned patriotic friends. I like the links and library of articles.

    Have you ever thought of populating a special section for young adults. I have three in their young 20′s and they need something to connect with on a regular basis. Maybe you can pull it off.

    See you at the tea parties.


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